2 Nights of Satsang - Mishawaka

2 Nights of Satsang

The Mishawaka hosted two nights of Satsang October 14th and 15th with King Cardinal opening the first night and A Brother’s Fountain on the second evening.

King Cardinal, which is normally composed of five members, was represented by founder Brennan Mackey. Mackey had a robust setlist for a one-man set. His voice and acoustic guitar were a perfect pairing with the rushing waters of the Poudre river just beyond the stage. 

A Brother’s Fountain opened the show the second night with a rotating group of five band members. Utilizing their folk sound paired with their unique rap-inspired lyricism the crowd was drawn into their performance.

Their set incorporated a wholesome upbeat folk sound including harmonica solos, saxophone jams, and good vibes all around. A Brother’s Fountain kept it light, fun and goofy with a song about “selling out” that got the stage and crowd all warmed up for Satsang on that chilly evening in the canyon.

Satsang had two evenings of slide guitar action accompanied by a soulful crowd. Most, if not all, attendees seemed grateful for a performance they could get up and sway to for what’s likely been the first time in a while. A simple setup on stage downplayed Satsang’s effect on the audience which was a night instilled on them for weeks to come.

There was a moment on the first night where Satsang had the crowd of bundled up fans stand up and feel the positive energy and encouraged them to let out some screams. The mostly quiet venue erupted in howls from the audience as they raised their arms up in celebration of a truly spiritual experience that was Satsang at the Mishawaka.


  • Written by Julia Battagliese
  • All photo and video content from Sunny Side Production 


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