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  • Head For The Hills Pickin’ on the Poudre Returns to The Mishawaka for the 18th Year in a Row! - On Saturday, May 11th, 2024, Mishawaka veterans and fan favorite band Head For The Hills return to our wooden stage on the river for their 18th annual Pickin’ on the Poudre, an event that serves as a celebration to kick off the 2024 summer concert season every year and has become synonymous with the Mishawaka […]
  • Live On The Lanes: April Recap - Daisy Chain at 830 North During the latter half of April’s shows at 830 North we had one performance that stood out from the rest — with an ultimate takeover of female rock artists. On the last Thursday of the month, Daisychain, a Psych-Rock band out of Chicago, headlined the night for their Northern Colorado appearance on the band’s national spring […]
  • An Electrifying Deep Medi Takeover To Launch The 2024 Season - Flying in from England, the legendary Mala, accompanied by others from his music label, DEEP MEDi, took the stage this past Saturday for a resounding season opener unlike any before at the Mishawaka. While lovers of electronic dance music gathered in the canyon, Aimerie, a female DJ from Denver, kicked off the night with her […]
  • Live On The Lanes: March Recap - Litz at 830 North East Coast rockers, Litz, graced the lanes with an extra dancey jam set on their most recent Colorado run.The night started with a debut performance from local Indie/Jam band, “Deep Summer Band”. DPS has been working on their sound for about a year, having released their first album about a month […]
  • Live On The Lanes: February Recap - Germ Theory at 830 North 830 North hosted a night of local music on Thursday, February 15th, with Germ Theory headlining this evening’s performance with support from Kapei and Sour Drought, showcasing Colorado’s hard rock and punk music scene in Fort Collins! The three-piece band Sour Drought took the stage for their first-ever live performance, […]
  • Live on The Lanes: January Recap - Oliverse at 830 North It was a busy night on Saturday, January 20th at 830 North, and for good reason. It was a special occasion, electronic music icon Oliverse traveled to Fort Collins from the United Kingdom for his Colorado debut on his first US tour! Joining him for this stop on this tour would […]
  • Live on the Lanes: December Recap - Consider the Source at 830 North Consider the Source absolutely destroyed the lanes at 830 North in the most glorious fashion during their Colorado run earlier this month.   The night got started with Fort Collins local rippers, Pippin’ Hot.  PH has been honing their sound and craft for almost 5 years in Fort Collins and […]
  • Live On The Lanes: November Recap - Guicammo Turra at 830 North On Thursday, November 2nd we had the pleasure of having Giacomo Turra with Shtonk perform at 830 North! Shtonk is a 5 piece band with a drummer, saxophonist, trumpet players, and more. We already had about 50 patrons in the room by the time they hit, which was great. It […]
  • Live on the Lanes: October Recap - Will Hoge & William Elliot Whitmore at 830 North Will Hoge and William Elliot Whitmore came through Fort Collins and delivered an unusual yet special show on the lanes at 830.  What made the show so unique was the level of intimacy that isn’t always the experience you get at the Live on the Lanes […]
  • Live on the Lanes: September Recap - Solsatellite at 100 Nickel This Saturday at 100 Nickel was full of talent. Fiamore started the night out with some R n B music. Fiamore is a 6 piece band with a keyboardist, guitarist, bassist, drummer, and 2 lead singers. They had a great set with a lot of love songs that had the crowd […]