Mishawaka Ale - Mishawaka

Mishawaka Ale

We’re excited to announce a fun collaboration that highlights the partnership between the Mishawaka and Odell Brewing Co! We partnered with Odell Brewing Co again this year to brew a light, Kolsch style ale that is perfect for any show, or just hanging out and enjoying a beautiful Colorado view.

To read more about the 2016 Launch of Mish Ale, click here.

Odell started brewing Mish Ale for the 100th anniversary of the Mishawaka in 2016 and has been served exclusively on tap at the Mish. In 2024, it will be canned for the first time in a limited release, available at the Mishawaka and Poudre Park Market!

Learn More on Odell’s Website

Find it at Poudre Park Market