General Refund Policy

Unless otherwise noted, all tickets, goods, and services sold on the MISHAWAKA AMPHITHEATRE platform adhere to a “NO REFUNDS, NO EXCHANGES” policy. In the event of any refund, only the price of the ticket can be refunded. The Mishawaka DOES NOT return fees to the customer.

COVID 19 Refund Policy
Mishawaka and Mishawaka Presents productions will not be requiring proof of vaccination to attend our events. We will continue to follow all CDC, state, and local guidelines as they pertain to social gatherings.  We ask that anyone who is experiencing symptoms or who has recently been exposed to the virus not come to our productions.
In support of keeping you at home, our no refund policy has been rescinded and we will offer credit or 100% refunds to anyone who determines they can not attend.   Additionally, we will have masks available for anyone who’d like to use them as well as areas of refuge for anyone who may be feeling anxious while attending a full capacity show.