Yonder Mountain String Band - Mishawaka

Yonder Mountain String Band

This is a serenade to the genre that never rests — bluegrass. An ode to the banjo-picking twangs that filled the Poudre Canyon from sunrise to sunset last weekend as we welcomed Mountain Yonder String Band back to the Mishawaka stage for a two-night extravaganza. Both days were filled to the river’s brim with boot-stomp-inducing rhythms, on-the-road homeschool lessons amongst band’s families and their children (who could be found strumming along on instruments three times their size) and patrons Dancing in The Moonlight on night two, feeling warm and bright as Tyree Woods, Never Come Down, The Freetliners, and Yonder Mountain String Band took to the Mish stage.

Tyree Woods, long-time friend of Yonder Mountain String Band, got the nonstop night started with a set that patrons couldn’t help but dance to. His set was a surprise welcome for patrons, and set the mood for a night filled with dancing, howling, and grooving along to bluegrass tunes.

Never Come Down, a band of “best buds touring the United States,” kept the night strumming along with heartwarming melodies devoted to sisters and mothers, and riffs that kept patrons grooving as the sun set over the canyon. The crowd was painted with contagious smiles as this ever-happy band sang the sun away.

As the sun let out its final light of the night, the Fretliners took to the stage, bringing the glimmering moon with them. This band brought Colorado natives a little closer together Saturday night as they shared their band member’s Colorado roots with the crowd. The Fretliner’s homecoming reflected just how intertwined bluegrass is with our beloved home state.

The music didn’t stop for a heartbeat, and as the Mountain Yonder String Band took to our stage for their second night of jamming. Yonder’s second night was completely entrancing and undeniably fun. Band member, Nick, made his way into the crowd mid-set and the band’s playful energy clung to the vibes of the night. His contagious glee left patrons begging for him to “do it again” only moments after he had weaved his way back onstage.

Bluegrass rhythms bounced off the canyon’s ridges the hours before doors opened, in the lull after soundcheck, and continued to play long after Saturday’s final onstage encore this past weekend. Bluegrass truly is the music that never stops, the musicians who nourish this genre never stopped strumming their strings for a beat.

The atmosphere up at the Mish this weekend was reminiscent of one big family reunion. Patrons scattered across the lawn of the sold-out show could be found hugging, dancing, singing, and laughing side-by-side — intertwined and embraced by Colorado’s bluegrass roots. It was as if everyone knew everyone because they were all connected through a deep, river-running love for music. Until next time Yonder and crew. Thanks for a weekend to remember. We can’t wait to welcome you all home again next season!


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