What You Missed: Wookiefoot with PDMF and Analog Son - Mishawaka

What You Missed: Wookiefoot with PDMF and Analog Son

The afternoon began with the whole Wookiefoot crew pouring into the venue to begin a day of soundcheck and production. Their energy rooting in even before the doors opened as the crew gathered in the greenroom, painting each others faces and hurrying around in magical costumes and head-dresses.

unspecified-8Wookiefoot’s manager, referred to by the crew as “Grandma” was grateful to be at such a beautiful venue just a few days before his birthday.  Not only was Grandma gracious for the hospitality, but the whole crew was; noted for being the only band to wash their dishes in the greenroom sink after dinner.

As the doors started to open and night began in the canyon, audience members flooded into the venue with colorful costumes and decorated faces.

Fort Collins based Punch Drunk Munky Funk took to the stage first. Their sound inspired  by jazz, progressive funk, hip hop, rock, electro/dance. Touring for three years, PDMF has played at festivals such as Wakarusa, Arise, Pardeepalooza, Unity Festival and the Sustainable Living Fair.

Denver based group, Analog Son, performed for the warmed up audience.  The group created by Jordan Linit and Josh Fairman around a studio project involving the Shady Horns, Ryan Zoidis and Eric Bloom (Lettuce/Soulive), and Joe Tatton (New Mastersounds). They were instantly an audience favorite with a high energy performance and vibrant energy. 


To everyone’s anticipation, Wookiefoot took the stage, their incredibly detailed costumes, neon face-paint, stilt walker and upwards of 8 costume changes created a visually stunning and stimulating performance.  The live performance mixed a wide array of genres including Reggae, World Beat, Hip Hop, Irish, Funk, and Folk. 


Wookiefoot is made up by:

Mark Murphy – Vocals, Guitar
Jojo Lash – Vocals
Aimee Willmoth – Vocals
Scooter Holtzinger – Guitar, Hand Drums
Matt Cartee – Drums
Larry Koszewski – Bass Guitar
Marcus Schmid – Keys
Joe Mechtenberg – Sax, Flute
Andrew Nasvik – Vocals
Patrick McCormick – Bag Pipes
Matt James – Sound
Cole Manthey – Lights


Not only a band, Wookiefoot serves a non-profit charity organization, community and philosophy. Their charity organization and community, having donated over $400,000 to third world relief efforts.

It was an amazing night with some pretty memorable people. So Namaste and Happy Birthday Grandma!

unspecified-2PC: Sunny Side Production

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