Warm Hearts and Good Spirits Come to the Mishawaka with Random Rab - Mishawaka

Warm Hearts and Good Spirits Come to the Mishawaka with Random Rab

The forecast predicted a rainy and gloomy day in Bellvue, but as the musicians rolled in, it was anything but. The clouds cast an eerie blanket over the mountains and the dewy air made for a brisk evening full of warm hearts and bright lights. 

The Random Rab crew strolled in comfortably bundled up, bringing a family oriented vibe. Talk of camping presumed an enjoyable weekend laid ahead for the gang.

The production set up consisted of a blank backdrop and a table covered with a colorful butterfly cloth for mixers. Live artists that began to prepare faced a dilemma as we assessed the weather for the evening, but we had a solution: tarps and E-Z Ups galore!

As the night came down, Janover started up the show with his set that got the crowd moving. The live painters started creating their art for the patrons to view and people’s happiness began to glow. Smiles and positivity radiated throughout the venue. Watch the highlight video below!

Lapa came to take over with his groovy guitar and melodic violin. He was soon after accompanied by Random Rab himself. The duo showed off their collabs they had composed together and the crowd could not stop dancing.

Random Rab’s soothing vocals and melodic mixes made for a cozy night full of pashminas and spirithoods. The LED poi and various flow artists made for a very unique and intimate experience.

Random Rab also decided to attend our season closer (Rising Appalachia) and show love and support to the Mishawaka and the canyon. We were very grateful to have such a kind group of people play for our last weekend.

For the full gallery visit: Sunny Side Production

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