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Virtual BandSwap


Exciting things are in the works here at the Mish! This past summer, we launched our Virtual BandSwap project as a collaborative music exchange between NPR Music, VuHaus, non-commercial radio partners, indie venues, and touring bands to create industry jobs, new fans, and hope for the future of live music. 

We put together a recording team to mix and master the audio and video footage of the amazing live sets performed at the Mish. These shows provided opportunities for crew, artists, and radio stations to be able to supplement the loss of live shows and to uplift venues that have been a part of the local scene and supported the community historically. 

The grassroots tiered program incorporated recording musicians to share the live music experience safely with small audiences and to provide live music content to fill the void from cancelled concerts. It’s a way to give artists a platform to amplify their sound, promote venues, share the love of live music with all, and to create a program that brings us all back to the roots of our live music passions. 

Over the course of this past year, many venues have created similar content at their own cost in order to provide opportunities for crews and artists. This project aims to provide a platform for the industry to take the content they’ve generated and promote it further for everyone to enjoy. 

We are working to create a music library to be shared and to bring attention to artists on different Non-Comm radio stations. The video content we created has also been made available to the artists involved at no cost to them to help promote their music. 

We are also working in cooperation with the Colorado Independent Venue Association, or CIVA, to ask their venues to participate in the project along with us. 

This project has been made possible with the support and funding from KJAC The Colorado Sound, Odell Brewing Co., Organic Alternatives, Nate Block owner of Blocklisted Media, Proton Creative Media, Shaped Music, the CSU RAMP program, and our amazing Mishawaka production crew. 

We can’t wait to share more of the content we created in 2020 and share content from other venues who produced media this year. It’s about spreading the love of live music with all!

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