Vince Herman & Friends on our Brand New Lawn - Mishawaka

Vince Herman & Friends on our Brand New Lawn

The 2023 season here at The Mishawaka started off strong Friday night with a free show from opening act Blue Grama and headlined by the lovely Vince Herman & Friends.

The back-to-back bluegrass acts brought an amazing energy to the brand new turfgrass. It was such a beautiful experience for concertgoers to dance the night away. Cloudy skies and chilly temperatures didn’t deter anyone from taking in all The Mishawaka had to offer.

It’s always an honor to have local bands from our community up on our stage and Blue Grama was no exception. Their dynamic sound set the tone for the night and even the season as our wonderful opening band. The unique mix of instruments including a washboard and a standing bass wowed the audience and captured an essence that can only be experienced in the canyon.

Rounding out the night, fan-favorite and long time friend of The Mish, Vince Herman brought out his absolutely show-stopping band Vince Herman & Friends and the crowd danced the night away. 

Everyone at The Mishawaka could not have asked for a better opening night with both bands setting the tone of the rest of the concert season, it looks like it’s going to be one for the books.

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