Vibing with Dogs In A Pile and Amorphic: The Young Men Changing the Jam Scene - Mishawaka

Vibing with Dogs In A Pile and Amorphic: The Young Men Changing the Jam Scene

On this rainy yet fun-filled night of jams, Dogs in a Pile and Amorphic lit up the Poudre Canyon here around Mishawaka! These two jam bands brought tons of energy which reverberated throughout the canyon walls, creating a musical experience like no other! Both acts of the night ensured that everyone in attendance was swept away by their irresistible rhythms and captivating solos!

Below are some of our venue crew and their family and friends! Here at Mishawaka, we always appreciate support from our loved ones, and it is always a blast getting to show them around, and give them a fun night to remember. Thank you to all of our families and friends out there who help us make this a memorable and rewarding business!

The evening kicked off with Amorphic. What’s even cooler? One of our very own Mishawaka engineers is a part of this groovy four-piece! They have some serious stage presence, can communicate on the spot through their music playing, and have some fun jams to listen to. We always enjoy seeing smaller but very talented crews here on our stage. Big thanks to Caleb and the whole Amorphic crew for setting a great tone for the night!

As Dogs In A Pile, all the way from New Jersey took the stage, the crowd started grooving to the strum of their first note. Their innovative sound that blends some heavy guitar with some funky electronica key is a must-experience in the live scene. Their rendition of the “Peanuts” song was such a fun tune to listen to as well. Even though the rain poured off and on throughout the Dogs’ performances, it came nowhere close to stopping this riveting crew! 

Jimmy, the Dogs’ lead guitarist, fuels the band’s energy and pushes them to have fun while on stage! Their stage presence is infectious, showcasing a crew with a bursting personality as they work diligently to show off their talents between songs and jams. It is so exciting to see how far this very young band is going, we anticipate seeing great things from them very soon!

The venue was still bright and alive by the end of the show. Even though it was a seriously rainy night, the fanbase here at the Mish, and for the Dogs’ was unreal, as they stuck it out to the end of the performance. Great job to the bands performing this night to make it an exciting time for our patrons, but to all of you out there who support these bands, and the crew here at this electric venue! Don’t forget to buy your merch while seeing these shows! It not only supports the bands, but it supports the venue as well. Once again, thank you to Dogs in a Pile and Amorphic for an absolutely exciting Wednesday evening!

  • Written by Jacob Drury

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