Two Sold Out Nights for the Head and the Heart - Mishawaka

Two Sold Out Nights for the Head and the Heart

Two nights full of music would soon capture the minds of the Mishawaka attendees on this Tuesday through Wednesday run of The Head and the Heart. Completely sold out shows AND record-breaking shuttle reservations (over 50% of ticket buyers!) pumped up all of our staff for a fun couple of nights!

A beautiful sold out crowd!

During the day Head and the Heart took no time in enjoying the river; a sight that is wonderful to see and an experience that we all share when at the Mishawaka. John, Matty, Charity, and Charlie all took turns swimming in the river or sitting idly by reading a book. It’s pretty cool to think that the musicians who have a luxurious tour bus are willing to take the time to indulge in the rocky mountain spring water that we call home. Did we mention that the backstage area can fit a semi truck?

Yeah you heard me! A semi! Not just any semi, but a big ol’ nasty one filled with light contraptions, sound gear, and instruments. Do you also know how stressful it is to watch a semi truck back a trailer into the backstage area of the Mishawaka? It’s not the most ideal scenario but maybe it’s just my anxiety of them accidently backing into the stage or maybe it’s because I can barely back my Ford Escape into parking spots. Believe it or not, between 6 people and a driver, the semi truck and trailer fit perfectly behind the stage.

Before all the fans piled into the bowl of the Mishawaka a little rain came and visited. There is nothing that can bring musicians, production crews, management, and interns all together, like rain. When there is hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment laying on stage and rain starts to come down, everyone comes out of the woodwork. We all raced to cover the equipment in fear of a torrential downpour. Once the equipment was completely covered a sign of relief comes over the mind or…it was that it only rained for 5 minutes. At least everything was fine. Afterwards a wonderful rainbow appeared to remind us that everything was going to be ok!

To start the evening on both nights, we had the pleasure of having J.S. Ondara lead in with his breath-taking vocals (wow, what a range!) and soothing guitar playing.

The solo musician carried a very positive aura with him, including his wonderful sense of humor and beaming smile. His aesthetically pleasing wardrobe was all the rage!

As the band fully enjoyed playing in the river and exploring Fort Collins, we all busily prepared for two full days of food and music for this large crew (thoroughly impressed with the amount of food one person can carry on a tray from the restaurant to the cabin).

Charity is such a great violinist and has a beautifully soothing voice!

The green room was packed and the energy was continuously flowing through the band. Regardless of minor hiccups between band members getting their feet gashed by the rocks (playing too hard, haha) or slight sickness, that did not stop this group from bringing a heart warming show to this sold out audience.

Bass player Chris had a sweet shirt!

 All of our first-time guests were extremely grateful for their experience up here at the Mish, and we hope to have them all return someday. It was a pleasure to have you all, watch our highlight video below!

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