Two Nights with Head for the Hills - Mishawaka

Two Nights with Head for the Hills

Your typical rainy summer day up in the beautiful Poudre Canyon didn’t stop the fun that Head for The Hills and our patrons had last Friday night. Before the night started, a rainbow peeked through the clouds in the canyon and Head for the Hills was our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Although we did have a slight rain delay, Benny “Burle” Galloway started off the show with immaculate vibes and memorable songs that told great stories. We even saw Boots, a Poudre Canyon legend, made an appearance during the night as is tradition.

The Mishawaka has had the delight of hosting Head for The Hills over the past 10 years and the band couldn’t have been happier to be back.

Their folk and bluegrass music kept fans dancing through the rain and singing the melodies while the Poudre River rushed down the canyon. Everyone  is a friend at the Mishawaka, and as the show came to an end, the band couldn’t wait to come back on Saturday to do it all again.

Saturday was another night filled with great food, great music, and great memories. It was a beautiful night of Head for the Hills with special guest Benny Galloway, and it did not disappoint.

Benny Galloway kicked off the night and he was the perfect man for it. As the crowd was settling in, Benny braced the stage with Ace Engfer and members of Head for the Hills by his side. They sang melodic folk tunes to get the crowd warmed up and on their feet as the sun began to set over the mountains.

It was all smiles up the Poudre this past weekend. Friends and family danced and sang all through the night, as Head for the Hills took the crowd away to another world for a while.

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