Two Nights with Daily Bread, Motifv, and Mux Mool - Mishawaka

Two Nights with Daily Bread, Motifv, and Mux Mool

For the third weekend of our concert season we hosted Daily Bread with Motifv and Mux Mool for two nights.

Saturday’s show was kicked off by Mux Mool’s energetic and fun set as the sun faded and temperatures cooled. Fans gathered around their heaters and got the party started.

Motifv followed Mux Mool with some groovy tunes and bright visuals. 

We were delighted to help celebrate Daily Bread’s birthday on Saturday. Daily Bread’s parents surprised everyone with birthday cookies that were handed out to everyone in the crowd. Some of his die hard fans gifted him personalized artwork with individually signed messages on the back.

Daily Bread is not like just any EDM artist, in his set he mixed in samples of old school songs with the use of chill electronic melodies that were very catchy.

To close out his birthday night, Daily Bread brought up his friend Artifacts and encored a new mix, exciting the crowd. Everyone in the crowd even surprised him by singing happy birthday near the end of the night.

On Sunday, the three artists switched their sets up from the night before to include more jazz and percussion within their mixes that supported the unique melody of their music. They sure knew how to keep the crowd dancing and grooving throughout the weekend.

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