Two Nights of The Polish Ambassador Full Moon Family Campout - Mishawaka

Two Nights of The Polish Ambassador Full Moon Family Campout

What’s popping Mishawaka lovers? Ready to read about a hella rad weekend spent reminiscing over the classic rock of the 1980s in the heart of our adored Poudre Canyon? What about a weekend spent drenched in love, good beats, and nonstop dancing feet? Well, look no further, read on, and embark on an epic musical journey with The Polish Ambassador.

The Polish Ambassador totally rocked the Mishawaka back to the 80’s last Friday night! It was a night of full-moon howling by patrons eagerly singing, dancing, and jiving along to their favorite throwback tunes; Trumpet solos and African drum homages from Yemanjo that transported the Mish to another country through flawless melodies; And good vibes intertwined with rad beats from Akal Dub that reigned in the love that boomed through the canyon Friday night.

The energy that pierced the cool fall air during the first night of Polish’s two night run jamming by the river, was undeniably and beautifully nonstop. Patrons, decked head-to-toe in bright colors and contagious smiles, never took a break from dancing. The energy, movement, and tubular good vibes of the night drenched the Mishawaka in a feeling of love and family.

A feeling that was felt from the very first moment the artists took to our river-cradled stage when the radiant duo that makes up Akal Dub, embraced their love for the canyon, the river, and the Mishawaka community over the microphone when they took to the stage. An all-encompassing message of love and gratitude that patrons eagerly relayed back to the duo, and showed throughout the entire night through the nonstop smiles that engulfed the Mishawaka crowd Friday night.

The Jumpsuit Family Full Moon Campout started off strong and the good vibes carried right on into Saturday night. This time around, we had two more incredible electronic artists warm up the crowd for The Polish Ambassador. Kicking off the night was the incredible Grandfather Gold followed by Scott Nice.

Both of these artists brought a similar psychedelic vibe to the canyon on Saturday night. They had the crowd up and dancing from the second the beats started, instantly amping everyone up for the Polish Party.

Although we weren’t graced with another night of 80s jams, a slightly more down-tempo psychedelic theme to night 2 was a welcome and exciting change. The crowd was filled with excitement and when The Polish Ambassador was on stage, it felt like The Mish was the only place on earth. Nothing else mattered that night except music and the people surrounding us,

While The Polish Ambassador absolutely brought the house down, in a unique lineup, the party didn’t end when he got off the stage. We were joined by one more act Tropo to round out the night. Polish took this opportunity to step off stage and get in with the crowd the party with the best of them. Tropo’s unique mix of electronica and a live violin shocked the crowd and was the perfect end to the perfect weekend. The Jumpsuit Full Moon Family Campout was legendary and was the perfect occasion to kick off October.

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