Two Nights with Leftover Salmon - Mishawaka

Two Nights with Leftover Salmon

Another two-day special at the Mish! Night one quite literally took the Mish by storm when a hail storm passed through just minutes before the opening band, Tenth Mountain Division, took the stage. 

They calmed the storm with some beautiful bluegrass tunes. Spirits were high and Tenth Mountain Division surely made the crowd forget about the rocky weather. Though Tenth Mountain Division didn’t play with Leftover Salmon the following night, they were truly a pleasure to work with and could not have had better attitudes.

Night two was a complete turnaround with sunny skies all day long, giving Leftover Salmon the perfect start for a great sold out show. This crowd arrived quickly and was ready to get the party started. They were prepared for anything rain or shine, and the Mish was ready to provide a beautiful second night.

Tenth Mountain Division rocked the stage on Friday, and Wood Belly returned to the Mish to open things up on Saturday and gave it their all. This five-man band brought a beautiful blended sound filled with harmonies, smooth beats, and classic bluegrass tunes. 

Finally, Leftover Salmon walked on and the crowd roared. Each member provided a unique sound, each oozing with talent. One of the founding members, Drew Emmitt, left the crowd with dropped jaws with his mandolin and fiddle. The incredible music he made with his chosen instruments made for the perfect blend and worked in harmony with the other members.

Leading man Vince Herman had an outstanding connection with the audience that kept them engaged throughout the night. 

During one song in particular, they played a story-telling laughable tune with incredible background beats that had everyone grinning ear to ear. With each band member having amazing chemistry with one another, this song made for a truly unforgettable experience that gave the audience a glimpse of what Leftover Salmon is all about.

Between the towering mountains of the canyon and the river rushing, (and sometimes the rain) the bluegrass melodies were just what the Mish and its loyal patrons needed on that Fourth of July weekend. 

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