Two Groovy Nights with Lotus - Mishawaka

Two Groovy Nights with Lotus

Last weekend, Lotus returned to the Mish for two nights of groovy, electronic infused jams, lighting up our nook of the Poudre river with spectacular lighting, an epic selection of music, and smiles as far as the eye can see.

Widely known for their unique blend of both electronic and instrumental influence, Lotus has become an icon in contemporary jam band culture, and a perfect fit at the Mish. The sun sank below the horizon on Saturday, prompting band members to take the stage and kick off a beautiful weekend.

Lotus’ nonstop off-the-dome riffs, flawless lighting effects, and playful attitude kept the crowd engulfed in a sea of rhythm, bubbles, and dance Sunday night. The turf was riddled with a wave of patrons bouncing along to the on-the-spot masterpieces that echoed from the stage. No one, not even the band, wanted the weekend to end and they powered on well after their first set was scheduled to be over, entrancing our ears with a “little something new” they have been playing around with.

The electronic jam band undeniably owned Mishawaka’s stage Saturday and Sunday night. Their perfectly timed guitar riffs, flawless drum solos, and genius keyboard pluck kept every patron, band member, and Mish team member contagiously smiling from ear to ear.

It was a special weekend for the Mishawaka family, with many of our production crew members and restaurant team making their way into the crowd for the night to enjoy the show. Patrons and crew members alike danced like nobody was watching — even though everybody was watching and everybody loved it.

Thanks for a weekend of nonstop jams Lotus! 

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