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Turn on your BoomBox — It’s Saturday Night And The Mish is Ready to Party 

What’s popping Mishawaka lovers? You’re tuned in to 1800.MishBlog, I’m Kaylee and you’re listening to the BoomBox nonstop concert breakdown. So keep that BoomBox plugged in, kick up your dancing feet, and get ready to relive the story of an epic night up the Poudre Canyon. Last Saturday night BoomBox brought a killer set that created a flawlessly smooth, playful, and unforgettably electric, impromptu, and live “mixtape” dedicated to the Mish. 

The night’s flawless mix featured a heartful DJ tribute from the legendary ill.Banks, a symphony of dance-inducing beats from Evanoff, a nonstop night of melodies that patrons couldn’t help but bounce to from BoomBox, epic riverside painting sessions, and too many pre-show river dives to count.

Electric and soulful DJ, ill.Banks (AKA Dallas Willbanks), got the party started Saturday with his lively set of classic throwbacks and hot-off-the-press beats. His mix featured a heartwarming dedication to his mother — who the young DJ weaves into all he does. From the fox tattoos on his arms that pay homage to their relationship to his Stevie Nicks’ Dreams dance sessions that he pours out over venue speakers to celebrate her, you can tell that everything he does is out of admiration for his mother. 

ill.Banks’ moving set was delivered right out of the river’s soul. He had taken a plunge in the Poudre River mere seconds before stepping on our stage. The river-fostered high he got from his river plunge oozed from the speakers and flowed like the river into the crowd, engulfing them in a wave of movement, rhythm, and dance. 

The energetic and charismatic trio, Evanoff took to the stage next — also fresh from a Poudre dip. Their river-charged jam session set the mood of the night. They delivered powerful drum solos, stellar keyboard symphonies, and killer guitar shredding sessions that patrons could feel pulsing throughout their veins. This charming band created impromptu jams that left everyone’s stomachs in whirls. Their music is adrenaline-inducing and their style set the stage and tone perfectly for BoomBox to take over the mix. 

As BoomBox took to the crowd tuned into a higher level of the night’s energy, flowing along to the exhilarating beats that boomed across the Poudre Canyon. BoomBox delivered a set unlike any other I’ve witnessed this year. Patrons were clinging to every beat drop, melody switch, and track change. The live mixtape BoomBox pieced together that night was the kind that patrons will play on repeat through their memories. Not a single soul at the Mishawaka that night could stop dancing along to the music that roared through the air.

It was a night of endless partying, which will never go forgotten. A kind of nonstop dance party that leaves your feet aching for more the next day, your soul clinging to a night of unforgettable music, and your body electrified from a dancing fever that you can’t help but break into every day that follows. This is Kaylee signing off, I’ll catch you, BoomBox, and the dancing fever next year up the Poudre Canyon. 

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