Deep Dark and Dangerous - Mishawaka

Deep Dark and Dangerous

The Mishawaka Amphitheatre kicked off our first full capacity show since the Covid-19 pandemic began last Saturday. The show included a full roster of electronic artists. The artist Truth, who was originally from New Zealand, headlined the show.

The artists who played included Digital Vagabond, Saltus, Oxossi, ONHELL, Angelic Root, Khiva, and Truth.

Saturday was filled with a lot of excitement and a bit of stress from the Mishawaka team. This was because it was the first full capacity concert of the season. Excitement was high around the entire venue as everything was e in motion to make a big concert happen. It finally felt like things were put back together the way they were before the pandemic.

Starting off in the morning, a landscaper came in to increase our parking capacity. Meanwhile, back down the canyon the busses were being fired up again to provide transportation to the venue for the night. In the venue, we started moving tables and chairs out from outside to make room for plenty of dancing.

The day was beautiful and the mountain air by the river felt perfect for a night to be remembered.

People started arriving to the venue and getting wristbands while others started dancing.

Seeing large groups of people celebrating again felt nostalgic. As if it nothing changed at all over the past year.  It was also nice to see rafters park on the river to have a bit of a break next to the venue.

The music was exciting and the screens behind the artists was memorizing.

As the night continued on heavy bass music traveled down the canyon as it pulsated out from the subwoofers on the stage. As the energy winded down for the night the consensus was universal. Big concerts are back and it is very exciting to have them.


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