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Trout Steak Revival Returns with the Spirit of Bluegrass

Saturday was yet another gorgeous day in the canyon, with the kitchen cranking out their usual summertime lunch rush you could almost feel the imminent bluegrass throwdown in the air. The restaurant was exceptionally busy when production first rolled in to start setting up the show- some motorcycle run came through and lined our parking lot with Harleys from all over the country. 

Pretty much right after doors, a crew of about fifteen showed up rocking matching denim vests and fanny packs. Obviously I had to go say hello to these crazy looking folk, where I learned that they go by the name “The Trash Pandas.”

These awesome people follow Trout Steak around the front range area, and have attended all three years of the Trout Steak run at the Mish. Tucked into their fanny packs were Hi-Chews and baby maracas- of which they were giving out to anyone who asked (even our own security got in on the fun.)

I love the backstage area of a bluegrass show- especially one like tonight where everybody knows each other. It seems like everywhere you go, around each corner was a different jam happening. The musicians from all the bands would drift in and out of different songs, making for a unique and always different feel backstage. I heard several Jeff Austin songs, hope you’re resting easy, Jeff.

The Sweet Lillies started out the evening, even bringing in a washboard into the mix. At one point they also covered “This is How We Do It.” They brought an energetic performance to our stage that got everyone up and moving, ready for a night of music.

Shortly thereafter, The Lonesome Days took the stage, playing a refreshing take on the traditional bluegrass quintet.

They had a few different artists from the other bands join them on stage, a good warm-up for the Trout Steak set about to come. 

Trout Steak came and kept it super fresh with a bunch of guest spots from the members of the opening bands- at one point featuring dueling fiddles as well as dueling mandolins featuring  members of the opener bands.

Their unique sound got that much more unique, and I’m a sucker for any appearance of a lap steel guitar!

Thank you to Sunny Side Production for the photos and video below!

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