Trout Steak Revival & Billy Strings with Wood Belly - Mishawaka

Trout Steak Revival & Billy Strings with Wood Belly

About a week prior to hitting the Mishawaka stage, Trout Steak Revival was voted the best Bluegrass band in Denver.  With multiple contributing songwriters and vocals soaring over masterfully played instruments, it’s easy to see why.  The whole night felt like a family affair, with the green room full of friends and family.  Wood Belly opened the show, and they are the up and coming Bluegrass band to watch.  Co-headliner Billy Strings has practically made Colorado a second home with all his tour stops here recently.  Despite his lack of sleep, he put on one of the most energetic performances we have ever seen.  Billy let out an excited holler when he stepped off stage and back into the green room.   Wood Belly making their Mishawaka debut
Billy Strings exhibiting contagious energy Wishing the crowd a safe trip home.  For the full gallery, visit Sunny Side Production

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