Tribute Bands HeartByrne and Steely Dead Rock the River - Mishawaka

Tribute Bands HeartByrne and Steely Dead Rock the River

On a lovely summer Sunday in the canyon, The Mish had the great delight of hosting two ecstatic bands, Steely Dead and HeartByrne. The moon was so excited for the show that it was shining in broad daylight!

Steely Dead began the night with great energy, our fans couldn’t stay still, they loved the infusion of songs from the Grateful Dead and the great Steely Dan. 

There was no such thing as Sunday scaries at this show. Our patrons had a smile on their face and a drink in their hand while jamming to the music. The performance of Steely Dead set a high expectation for HeartByrne on stage next.

HeartByrne came out on stage and instantly continued the immaculate vibes of the show with their music, all the way to their memorable checkered costumes and contagious energy. HeartByrne is a Talking Heads Tribute Band that successfully emphasizes the unique mix of genres that came from the new age moment of the mid-70s to the 80s.


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