Three Nights with STS9 - Mishawaka

Three Nights with STS9

We had triple the fun this weekend as Sound Tribe Sector 9 played to a packed crowd three nights in a row.

With extra lights and sound, STS9 blew us away all weekend with the show they put on! 

In usual Mish fashion, the crowd took their outfits very seriously. Everyone was filled with colorful pants, hats, sparkles, and pure bliss!

We couldn’t have asked for better weather in the canyon all weekend, with blue skies and starry nights. STS9 made themselves right at home and partied on the Poudre all weekend long! 

It was so cool to see them set up a makeshift rehearsal area and jam out together all day long.

STS9 added to the Mish merch table with more colors and smiles! 

It was incredible to see STS9 in action at the Mish after almost 20 years, it was great to have them back! 

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