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This Orchestra has EVERYONE in it!

Last Thursday, The Mish enjoyed a night that was literally packed with Jams. And by Jams, I do mean Jams. Everyone Orchestra conducted by Matt Butler and hometown heroes Genetics took the stage for what was undoubtedly a stanky, funky, improve filled evening full of excitement and very high caliber musicianship. In case you’ve never heard or experienced Everyone Orchestra, Ill give you a quick lo-down. Matt Butler (conductor of Everyone Orchestra) travels across the nation with a revolving lineup of musicians who are prominent players in the live music circuit. The idea is to bring musicians on stage together, unrehearsed, and have them improvise music together, with slight direction from Matt Butler. On an ideal Everyone Orchestra lineup, Matt Butler gathers an eclectic group of players, sounds and styles to bring an extremely unique and diverse sound to the performance. As you can imagine, some of the sounds created during this show are unlike anything you have ever heard before or will ever hear again.


Kicking off the night for us last Thursday was northern Colorado band Genetics, and boy do these guys rage. These guys have a spooky sound to them that simultaneously remains as funky as the bass lines laid down by Mr. Joel Searls. Lyricless, Genetics takes their listeners on a scenic and landscape like journey through the jam/ time continuum. Their music has a tasteful blend of technicality and vibes that keeps the listener engaged, grooving, and not sure what to expect next.


Following Genetics set came Everyone Orchestra. This particular shows lineup consisted of Jeremy Salken on drums from Big Gigantic, Chuck Morris on percussion from Lotus, Jans Ingber, Matt Pitts and Gabe Mervine on horns/ percussion from The Motet, Bridget Law on fiddle from Elephant Revival, Sam Brouse on keyboards from Papadosio, Chris Jacobs from The Bridge and Reed Mathis from Tea Leaf Green on the bass. The evening started off quickly with some very good dance party jams that featured Jans Ingber and Chris Jacobs exchanging vocals about how they can hear the river flowing behind them. The jams continued through the evening, with Matt Butler coordinating keys and styles to play as well as directing solos and musical conversations between players. My personal favorite was a jam kicked off by the lovely Bridget Law that took a very Celtic sound on it. The foreign sounding fiddle licks accompanied by deep mallet drums really gave the crowd a nice but extremely unique and cultured sound. All in all the show was extremely impressive, we cant wait to have them back!


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