theNEWDEAL w/ jackLNDN & Sam Warren 9.18 - Mishawaka

theNEWDEAL w/ jackLNDN & Sam Warren 9.18

Tornoto’s own theNEWDEAL played the Mish this past Friday night, bringing a whole new sound and vibe to the Mishawaka stage. Opening act, and acclaimed DJ, Sam Warren eased us into the night. More and more of the crowd made its way through the doors as Sam played his chill-electro set. Up next, jackLNDN a fantastic DJ from London amped it up to the next level with his own unique electronic beats and remixes. He even threw in his personal guilty pleasure, Mariah Carey, into the mix, which I’m sure we can all admit is also our own guilty pleasure. The crowd definitely could dance along no problem! Everyone was excited for theNEWDEAL to take the stage, and when they did everyone was ready. The night was a chilly one, with crisp fall air lingering in the canyon. Nevertheless, theNEWDEAL’s improvisational interpretation of Electro House, Trance, and Drum & Bass brought a wave of musical vibrance keeping the crowd warm and happy. All three members of theNEWDEAL harmoniously energized the crowd, feeding off of the vibe of the Mishawaka to create a beyond amazing live set!

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