The SteelDrivers SELL OUT The Mishawaka on Sunday Night! - Mishawaka

The SteelDrivers SELL OUT The Mishawaka on Sunday Night!

This past Sunday at The Mishawaka we had the absolute pleasure of having the legendary, Grammy Award-Winning, bluegrass band from Nashville Tennesee, infamously known as The Steeldrivers on our stage playing to a completely sold-out crowd! The SteelDrivers brought along incredible support from Troubadour Blue, a three-piece with the soul of a full choir.

It was a beautiful Fall Sunday in the Poudre Canyon, the skies were clear, it wasn’t too hot, and the breeze from the river was cool and refreshing. After a long weekend and an even longer week, it was the perfect setting to relax and enjoy a night of live music. The grills were hot, the aroma of the restaurant was intoxicating, the food was great and the drinks were cold, a combination of perfection to end the weekend on a high note!

As the sun began to set, Troubadour Blue took the stage and left the crowd in awe. The trio played masterfully and had a sound well beyond their years and a performance that only true professionals could pull off. The music they played had so much emotion and soul that you could feel it throughout your body. The harminizing of the two guitars alongside the bright sounds of the violin and the inflection of their voices was something special to listen to and see live. Troubadour Blue made this stage their home for the night, and were truly in their element for the performance that would set the tone for a blissful evening.

After Troubadour Blue finished up their set, only a short intermission filled the space between the two acts and kept the night flowing. The SteelDrivers took the stage and the crowd erupted! This is a show that hundreds have been looking forward to for months, and the anticipation for this exact moment when the five band members walked on stage and picked up their instruments was unbearable, but when they greeted the crowd it made the wait all worth it! The crowd was full, the moon and stars were out, and we really couldn’t ask for a better night of live music.

The music got going, and from the very beginning, it was a groove, from the front of the crowd to the back every single person in attendance was dancing, singing, and laughing with their loved ones and friends. Everybody was in a great mood, but in reality, how could you not be when you were getting to see your favorite band on an incredibly nice fall Sunday evening! Bonafide SteelHeads made it the night of their lives, the crowd was giving so much energy to the band and the band reciprocated that energy tenfold! 

Not only was the energy high and the crowd elated, but the music was jaw-dropping. Every one of the band members was a master of their craft and made playing their instruments look easy, displaying true expertise in their craft. You don’t just get nominated for multiple esteemed music awards and win a Grammy for nothing, The SteelDrivers were truly incredible to watch live. The sound was vibrant and clear, and the lyrics were iconic, not one person in attendance didn’t know the words to their hits. It was truly a special night of music, there isn’t anything on earth quite like The SteelDrivers at The Mishawaka.

As the night started to wind down, everybody got close and shared the rest of the time they had watching this phenomenal performance in the moment with the people they love. The crowd sang along with the band in perfect harmony, at a volume that exceeded the sound system. All you could hear were the raw sounds of humans sharing an experience and living in the moment together, it was beautiful to see, hear, and be a part of. The SteelDrivers played their encore, and once the music subsided for the evening the crowd let out one last blast of cheers loud enough to start an avalanche! Each individual in attendance alongside The Mishawaka staff couldn’t have asked for a better night of music, it was truly a pleasure to have The SteelDrivers on our stage!

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