The Roars of Midnight Tyrannosaurus Echo Through the Poudre Canyon - Mishawaka

The Roars of Midnight Tyrannosaurus Echo Through the Poudre Canyon

This weekend Midnight Tyrannosaurus made his way to The Mishawaka and blew everybody away with not one, but two performances of a lifetime! Joining him on stage were supporting acts from Mother Lotus, Hukae, Muerte, Jiqui, Tyro, Inaktiv, Sisto, and G-Rex, who all created and elevated the energy all weekend long.

This event was more than a show for many, Midnight Tyrannosaurus is well-known for his concerts being more than just music. There were quests for fans to find and complete, easter eggs on the lore of the Midnight Tyrannosaurus characters, there was the infamous sword you could pull from the mantle, actors to interact and take pictures with, and collectibles to find that made the night that much more meaningful for all of the concert-goers.

As the sun went down, the party really got started. Lights were pulsing, strobes were flashing, lasers were dancing, and the LED wall provided unique visuals that you wouldn’t see at any other show up at the Mish, it was a show you didn’t want to miss.

From the very beginning of the weekend on night one, Mother Lotus set the energy for the rest of the weekend and that energy never left the riverside. Immediately after her first set concluded, Hukae, Muerte, and Jiqui in sequence took the stage and continually raised the bar and went berserk under the blanket of stars.

After a long day of anticipation, and just when people didn’t think the night could get any better, Midnight Tyrannosaurus began his first set of the weekend, and everybody was dumbfounded. The night had been full of amazing acts and great music, but as soon as this set started people knew they were in for something special. Midnight Tyrannosaurus completely took it to the next level, from the heavy drops and deep bass you could feel in your soul, to visual production that was on a different level, nobody was ready for what they just witnessed, but this was only night one.

Equipped with lasers, lights, LED screens, and bone-rattling bass music, Midnight Tyrannosaurus took on the second night of his two-night run at the Mishawaka. Fans were thrilled from night one and were more than excited for night two, and they dressed the part.

Tyro, and up and coming artist off of Ganja White Night’s record label ‘Subcarbon’, was set to kick things off. He ignited the crowd with a selection of heavy tunes and fan-favorite dubstep tracks. Inaktiv, dressed in a white ski mask, followed suit. He kept the audience moving, grooving, and head-banging so they were ready for the next act, Sisto.

Sisto wasted no time in getting busy, within a minute of being on the stage the bass dropped and the crowd was in the palm of his hand. Their incredible stage presence combined with crazy visuals behind him made for one of the best sets of the weekend. This set marked the middle of the show and elevated the night once again to new heights, preparing the audience for the rest of the night, which would be full of dinosaurs.

The energy was high, the bass was heavy, and the Mishawaka was packed with spectators. The LED wall was shining bright, displaying intricate and oftentimes gory images that kept the audience in the mood for destructive bass music. Up next was the direct support act G-Rex, whose alias perfectly fit the dinosaur-themed event. His top-notch selection of heavy dubstep and riddim tracks was a perfect introduction for the main event of the evening, Midnight Tyrannosaurus.

Before taking the stage, a cinematic, gladiator-like animation was displayed on the LED wall. The audience was on the edge of their seats when Midnight Tyrannosaurus walked on stage with a giant sword. He dropped the heaviest tracks of the night, and spectators were getting rowdy in the mosh pit. From the front to the back people were head-banging to the classic tracks that tell the story of his musical career, with tracks from his first album and singles released only months ago, everybody went wild for this weekends headliner.

For two nights, Midnight Tyrannosaurus made the Mishawaka his home and welcomed every person who bought a ticket as part of his family and made sure they felt that way. Not only is he extremely talented on stage, throwing down some of the deepest and nastiest tracks you have ever heard, he was a very down-to-earth and a great person, talking to his fans and taking pictures making them feel like the humans they are. Bass Heads got their heavy dubstep fix and wore bass faces all night, feeling satisfied driving back down the canyon, Midnight T had done his job like a true professional.

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