The Return of Buckethead - Mishawaka

The Return of Buckethead

After 15 years, the phenomenal six-string guitar virtuoso Buckethead returned to our Poudre Canyon stage this past Friday for an evening of mindblowing guitar shredding.

From the youngest to the oldest metal enthusiasts, a diverse crowd of fans flocked to The Mishawaka, their anticipation palpable, all eager to witness the return of the legendary Buckethead. The maestro took to the stage unaccompanied, his guitar ready to unleash a storm of sound. He kicked off the evening with “Warm Your Ancestors,” a thunderous start followed by “Fountains of the Forgotten,” two heavy hitters that set the stage for the greatness that was to come.

Following his epic solo introduction, Buckethead was joined on stage by the young and talented Madeline Cyrille Miller. Together, they performed the hauntingly beautiful “American Nightmare” from their recent collaborative album, Veins of Institution.

Accompanied by the rest of his band, Buckethead continued the set, displaying impeccable guitar-shredding skills. He seamlessly switched between pedals to create various effects, ranging from psychedelic to metal sounds.

After a short intermission, Buckethead and his band returned to the stage for a second set. They opened with a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s adored “Rhiannon.” As the band followed with Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs,” the crowd belted the lyrics, “Oh lord, yeah!” in unison for an exhilarating moment.

Starting with a soulful yet melancholic melody, Buckethead played his beloved track “Soothsayer” and ended the set with the anticipated tradition of trading toys. Buckethead emptied his sack one toy at a time, tossing them to eager fans in the crowd. A young boy, perched on his father’s shoulders, both sporting KFC bucket hats and white masks to match, caught a plastic sand bucket, sparking applause from the crowd in a truly unforgettable moment.

Buckethead concluded the evening with an outstanding encore, performing arguably his most famous song, “Jordan,” an anthem originally featured in the video game Guitar Hero II. After completely tearing up our stage with his electrifying guitar performance, Buckethead left his fans satisfied with their minds thoroughly blown for an evening we’ll never forget here at the Mishawaka.

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