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The Hip that Hopped the Mishawaka Hills

On Saturday we celebrated our fourth time running; Hip Hop On The Hillside! Hip Hop On The Hillside is an event created to showcase artists performing in the hip hop and rap realm of music. To be honest, I think this is so important for venues because we get to offer music for all tastes which just goes to show the diversity of music we provide for our fans at the Mish.

Unfortunately around 6 PM we did get some rain and because of the thunder and lightning strikes (less than a mile away from the venue) we did have to bring everyone inside and keep shuttle riders on the bus. Fortunately this only lasted about 10 minutes and before we knew it, everyone was outside again happy and admiring the resulting rainbows. 

With sets from the Thin Air Crew, Kind Dub and Rolos Rios, the crowd could not have been more engaged and excited to be there. The interactions between the artists and the crowd elevated the energy of the night.

Working hospitality for these guys was so pleasant, the artists were extremely grateful and easy going. There was so much love to be shared and it was clear these guys were here for a good time but also to support one another in their endeavors.

However, the highlight was getting to meet and watch both Evidence and Sa-Roc perform. They had such powerful lyrics and tracks to back them, it was clear everyone was so glad to wait out the rain to hear them. 

A big thank you and shout out to everyone who came out to support and share the music and love. We are so excited for the shows to come so stay tuned and we’ll see you out there!!

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