The Big Wu Family Reunion Night 2 - Mishawaka

The Big Wu Family Reunion Night 2

Night Two of the Big Wu Family Reunion didn’t leave anything on the table.  With almost twice as many performers as Night 1, the production staff had their work cut out for them.  With shows alternating between indoor and outdoor stages, the canyon resonated with music all day and night.  The biggest highlight of the night was Mark from Big Wu’s daughter joining him on stage at Midnight (officially Father’s Day) to sing a cover the Tom Petty tune, “Free Fallin” Jill and the New Grüv rocking the indoor stage. Elise Wunder is always a pleasure to work with and listen to.  We always love it when she brings a band. “Do you even Bass, bro?” Big Tasty grooving in unison. Frogleg funkin’ up the indoor stage.  Exchanging glances with the lovely ladies in the front row. The Reverend Musketeer Gripweed putting on one hell of a show! Mason Jennings brings a mellower flavor. You’ve heard of beast mode.  Witness dragon mode. Jill (of Jill and the New Grüv) singing some Pink Floyd with the Big Wu. Mark and his daughter, pure magic.
Upon seeing these photos, Mark expressed gratitude to Cody, our camera man.  “So happy you were there to capture this moment!!!!” For the complete gallery, visit:  Sunny Side Production

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