Temporary Transportation Notice - Mishawaka

Current transportation Winter 2020

Hello! We understand our guests needs for safe and comfortable transportation to and from the Mishawaka. Due to current restrictions we are working closely with several providers, all licensed and insured to get you from home to show and back!

Kevin Schuster

2-14 people

Kevin is one of our shuttle drivers. He often drives guests in our Mishawaka Shuttles and has years of experience at Both RMA and with the Mishawaka. Kevin has a 14 passenger van and is offering personal shofer service for all our events. You can contact him directly at this email:


NoCo Partybus

2-55 people

NoCo Party bus has been a proud partner of the Mishawaka for years. We often use their beautiful vans and shuttles for our shows. They have options ranging from personal cars to limos, vans, and even full charter busses. Whatever your need, they can take care of you. They can be contacted directly from their site linked below or emailed at info@nocopartybus.com

NoCo Partybus Website