Sylvan Esso with Flock of Dimes - Mishawaka

Sylvan Esso with Flock of Dimes

Very few shows have ever or will ever sell out as quickly as Sylvan Esso with Flock of Dimes.  The buzz and energy surrounding this performance was palpable, and they did not disappoint the packed house.  Flock of Dimes was a well fitted opening act, surely anyone who enjoys Sylvan Esso’s atmospheric yet energetic sound would appreciate the sound and the double dose of empowered front women.  The members of Sylvan Esso spent their down time during the day swimming in the river and reading the New York Times.  Charlie, always happy to transport you safely.Security, quickly and efficiently getting the job done.  There always going to be a line when people arrive by the busload. Flock of Dimes Sylvan Esso in motion, clearly quite comfortable on stage.Hard to remember if or when we have ever seen two people own a stage like this.  
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