STS9 Returns to The Mishawaka for Three Days of Electronic Jams - Mishawaka

STS9 Returns to The Mishawaka for Three Days of Electronic Jams

This past weekend from September 15, through September 17, 2023, The Mishawaka once again had the pleasure of hosting the legendary Sound Tribe Sector 9, also known as STS9. The band has been coming up to the Mish since the early 2000s and have made the venue a second home.  It’s no wonder that fans have such a dedication to the band, there is nothing like STS9 at The Mishawaka. 

Hours before doors opened the dedicated fans of Sound Tribe were lined up outside of the gates with anticipation, not able to wait any longer for the show to start. It was Friday night, the long week of work was finally over, and everybody was ready to dance and let loose this evening for the concert of the year, and it was only the first night of the three-evening run!

As the sun began to set around 7:30 the lights from the stage began to light up the mountainside with incredible patterns that only made everyone more anxious for the band to take the stage. Not too long after the sun had fully disappeared and night had arrived, the lights illuminated the mountainside and STS9 walked on stage and erupted.

From the very beginning of the set, STS9 played iconic songs that shaped the entire genre of Jam Electronica and pioneered the unique sound that the band is famous for to this day. Everybody in the crowd was dancing, smiling, laughing, and having the absolute time of their lives to the music that makes you feel a truly unique way. During the two sets STS9 played this evening, they grooved, jammed, improvised, and rocked out showing incredible diversity and innovation in their sound. Real Sound Tribe fans know that no two sets of STS9 are the same, which was extremely exciting for the next two nights when they would be back for another fresh and groundbreaking show!

STS9 is a band that leads with laughter, good jams, and their whole heart out on the stage. And night two of their three-night run echoed this effortlessly.

The night was filled with an electrifying energy. Patrons, dressed head to toe in bright colors, pashminas, sprouts, and mushrooms mounted flawlessly on hat brims couldn’t hold back their anticipation for the night. 30 minutes before the band made their way onto the stage the crowd was in an uncontrollable uproar.

And when the beats hit and the band returned to their spots cradled in the heart of the river? The energy was unstoppable.

Even when the band faced technical difficulties and had to step off the stage for a second, the crowd couldn’t be silenced. In a beautifully ironic way, STS9 has formed a tribe over the years. A tribe of lighthearted music lovers eager to meet people who share the same love for their smooth jams any time of day.

When the band returned to the stage after the unexpected break, they were a welcomed interruption to over 100 first introductions and conversations amongst the crowd. It was a night of genuine human connection. 

For the third and final night of an epic three-day run, the Poudre Canyon was met with clear skies and sunshine. Fans began to trickle into the venue as the warm sun fell over the horizon, and by dark, the stage was set for STS9 to carry out their Mishawaka finale.

Their first set had listeners dancing and grooving in no time. Funky basslines paired with sweet guitar licks and swinging rhythms kept the audience moving and satiated their hunger for some seriously fun music. Unfortunately, the band experienced similar technical difficulties to the previous night and had to cut their first set short. While fans speculated about what may follow, the STS9 team worked tirelessly to solve the issue. After the break, STS9 took the stage with confidence and finished their first set, and went straight into the second, playing fan-favorite tracks like “Totem,” which had the audience jumping with enthusiasm.

To accompany an amazing night of music, band and crew members were also celebrating the birthday of their percussionist Jeffrey Lerner! Thank you Jeffrey for bringing some groove to the Poudre Canyon, and happy birthday!

After three nights of jaw-dropping musical performances, it was time for the final encore of the weekend. These three days came and went in the blink of an eye, and encompassed so much excellence and joy, which made for a truly unforgettable weekend. Every time STS9 comes up to The Mishawaka it is something truly special, and this weekend was no exception. Until next year, we are all eagerly waiting for Sound Tribes’ return!

  • Written by Kaylee Pierskalla, Bradley Campbell, and Jack Campbell
  • Photos from Sunny Side Production

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