Stephen Marley Returns to The Mish - Mishawaka

Stephen Marley Returns to The Mish

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting Stephen Marley again for an evening filled with good music, good people, good food, and good vibes! Joining Stephen Marley were Arise Roots and Green Buddha, and together the three sets made for another unforgettable night at The Mishawaka.

Green Buddha set the mood for the evening, where they played fresh reggae that took on a unique shape, with influence from other genres like jazz and rock. The music from the local Colorado band created a warm welcome for everybody as they entered the venue for the evening, and created a sense of community down by the river.

As the sun set, Arise Roots took the stage and elevated the night! Their modern twist on reggae made for a unique performance that was exciting to watch and listen to! The light from the sun stretching across the mountain ridge paired with the lights from the stage and beautiful, positive music was soothing for the soul of everybody that made it out this evening.

As the night continued, clouds rolled in and the rain began. Arise Roots were finishing their set and the crew was setting up for the rest of the night, the sun was gone and a break in the clouds couldn’t be seen, but as Stephen Marley took the stage, the rain went away and the night seemed young again.

Stephen Marley and his band lit up the mountainside and began the set of a lifetime! The sounds from not only Stephen, but the two vocalists, both stringed and brass instruments, drums, and keys made for such a full sounding reggae experience. He played classics that created the music and culture of today, and he played music that is revolutionizing the culture of tomorrow. Though it was not his first time performing on this stage, everything was fresh and exciting this evening, as there has never been a performance quite like this one before.

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