Snarky Puppy Brings Their Legendary Sound to the Mishawaka - Mishawaka

Snarky Puppy Brings Their Legendary Sound to the Mishawaka

This past week at the Mishawaka we hosted three time, Grammy award-winning artist Snarky Puppy, it was a show that we were all very excited to see come to our venue: they’re a legendary band. “A band for bands,” if you will.

The night started out with Mama Magnolia performing on our indoor stage. They’re a local Colorado band that has a unique sound blending soul, jazz, and rock. Snarky Puppy came with such a huge set up for the outdoor stage that we couldn’t fit all of the bands! Nonetheless Mama Magnolia’s show was a memorable performance!

On the Main Stage was Chris Bullock, also known as DJ Boomtown. He plays the clarinet, flute and saxophone for Snarky Puppy but has his own love for spinning tracks for the crowd.

Snarky Puppy is such a talented group and a sold out crowd awaited them at the Mishawaka eager to see an iconic band at our iconic venue! 

Backstage on Saturday before the show, Snarky Puppy had some down time with two Golden-doodle puppies who were running around playing with the artists!

When the crew was setting up the main stage, we noticed that there were a few homemade instruments that the band uses. First, was a chime, that had a set of keys hanging down and the second was a rope full of plastic bottle caps. These strange, inventive sounds show the lengths that Snarky Puppy goes to in order to explore ways of making music.

The weather held out on Saturday night and it was a beautiful! The fans, the music, and the canyon all coming together for a weekend of music. Watch as the band and fans get connected rhythmically!

The Summer nights at the Mishawaka will only continue as we have a lot more shows coming up that you don’t want to miss! We hope to see you there! 

All photos courtesy of Sunny Side Production


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