Season Closer: Blissfall Music & Arts Festival - Mishawaka

Season Closer: Blissfall Music & Arts Festival

The last show of the season was one saturated with heavy bass and psychedelic art. Our final outside throw-down turned our dance hall into an art exhibit and our Bird’s Eye VIP deck into a second stage for daytime wubs. 

This was the earliest door time of the season, with the first DJ coming on at 1PM and doors at noon. Totally out of our norm, but absolutely worth every minute! The painters were surrounding the venue doing live painting to add to the experience. There was so much to see and do! 

This was definitely a unique experience at the Mishawaka. Blissfall truly lived up to its name as a “Music and Arts” festival. The amount of things going on was insane!

Huge shout out to Bri Long for putting it all together and making it all happen. Also shoutout to all the DJ’s, artists, and flow artists alike that put on such a wonderful show full of beats and beauty by the river. 

We had ZachsOnFire join us, spinning poi and other flow toys – he is known for actually catching on fire – hence his stage name!

 Some of the artists got to camp out on the island after and were so appreciative of playing at such an amazing event and venue. Even though it was a bit late for the last show of the season, the weather was on our side the entire way. 

Russ Liquid closed out the night with wonky wubs and groovy tunes from his saxophone and his flute! Who has ever seen a flute at an EDM festival?! He absolutely killed it and everyone danced ‘till their legs fell off: I was definitely sore the next day. Every DJ had something special they brought to the table and everything flowed together flawlessly. Till we meet again, Blissfall! 

Thank you Sunny Side Production for the photos!

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