Satsang at the Mishawaka - Mishawaka

Satsang at the Mishawaka

Last week at the Mishawaka we had two nights of Satsang with the support of Graham Good on Wednesday and Samoo opening on Thursday.

Graham Good started off the show with high energy, playing feel good music that inspires growth, happiness and connection to the people listening. The band has had over 12 years of experience, and it showed. The full Satsang band was very excited to get on stage and bring people together in a comforting way through their energy and performance. 

Satsang is an Americana band that ties in personal memories and unique country roots to form their own genre of music. 

Their lead singer, Drew McManus, spread powerful messages through his music about hardships and the emphasis to live in the moment. The inspiration from this band stems from the importance of family and making the best of every situation.

The band has the power to bring a crowd of people together and express the truth of real life situations by letting go of all negative thoughts and coming together through their music. 

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