Rubblebucket with Porlolo and Wildermiss - Mishawaka

Rubblebucket with Porlolo and Wildermiss

Rubblebucket had clearly been in the midst of a hectic tour schedule when they made their stop at the Mishawaka, as evidenced by the many naps taking place in the green room prior to the show.  They were not quite prepared for the total lack of internet and cell service we experience at the Mish and that can certainly be stressful for some acts.  Despite exhaustion and a lack of connectivity, they sprung into action and put on an amazing show for their fans.  

Rubblebucket fans don’t mess around.  These Ladies came to party.   Wildermiss offered a sweet soundtrack to the sunset as folks continued to shuffle in during their opening set.   Porlolo is one of our favorite artists in the area.  These true professionals were more than happy to loan some of their gear to Rubblebucket.  Front woman Erin Roberts delivered an especially strong performance, despite a bought with bronchitis. Rubblebucket’s trumpet player climbing into the crowd and playing atop a stranger’s shoulders was easily a highlight of the show.
Dressed to impress, this oversized tutu made a statement even from the back row. Horns in unison.  Hands full of synthesizers.  Look closely, they are all airborne.    Gettin’ down!  For all the show photos, visit: Sunny Side Production

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