Roundabout Music Series Presents: The Reminders w/ Kind Dub - Mishawaka

Roundabout Music Series Presents: The Reminders w/ Kind Dub

This past Saturday, July 11, we hosted The Reminders w/ Kind Dub presented by Roundabout Music Series. It was a night full of inspiration, soul, fire dancers, and fun. To start the night off right we had  presentations from the Fort Collins Cultural Enrichment Center and Awake/Aware Collective highlighting the importance of social equality and racial justice.

 Next, Kind Dub took the stage. They’re a unique one of a kind hip hop group. Kind Dub has been playing at The Mishawaka since 2017 and this year was no different despite current events. The two founders of Kind Dub are Cody Marsden and Cory Clarke, who give the crowd an amazing experience with their divine array of lyrics.

Cory Clarke (photographed above) kept people on their feet by putting on a show full of energy. Kind Dub is a local Fort Collins group that has toured all over the country. They have also been to over 20 festivals since they began creating music as a group.

Up next The Reminders took the stage and kept the energy going. The Reminders are two very talented individuals that bring an encapsulating soulful sound to their music. Pictured above are members Aja Black and Big Samir. Together their sound can only put a smile on your face and make you want to get up and dance. The Reminders released their first album in 2008 and followed it with another in 2012.

Aja and Samir have been married for almost a decade and music plays an important part in both of their lives and for their entire family. They performed an amazing sold out show that everyone thoroughly enjoyed. The Reminders give a powerful message to the crowd about peace and love toward one another no matter who you are.

The Reminders inspired the crowd with a sense of peace, love, and energy. Through songs that ranged from reggae, to hip hop, and soul.

Aja and Samir’s family came to enjoy and assist at the show. It was a pleasure to have all of them! We pride ourselves on ensuring the bands and their families are safe and comfortable before, during, and after every show. Overall, it was an incredible show that filled the canyon with great energy!


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