Rockin’ On The River with The Church & The Afghan Whigs - Mishawaka

Rockin’ On The River with The Church & The Afghan Whigs

Wednesday night started off an electric week of concerts at The Mishawaka. It was a cross-continental masterpiece starting with an opener from London, and American/Australian co-billed headliners. 

As the sun began to set, fans entered the venue as Ed Hardcourt opened the night with lively Indie tunes to set the tone and get the crowd excited for what would come the rest of the night.

Next to take the stage and rock the river was American-born rock band The Afghan Whigs. Their energy absolutely overtook the entire venue and the vibe could be felt all the way up and down the canyon. It wouldn’t be a surprise if passersby were drawn in like magnets to the venue during their set.

Finally, hailing from Australia, was yet another rock band, The Church. Their set was absolutely electrifying and made this Wednesday feel like a weekend. Their energy lit up the light sky more than the holiday fireworks ever could.

The honor of hosting such an incredible lineup will forever be held high at The Mishawaka and will go down in history as a legendary bill to be framed in many homes.

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