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Robert Randolph and his Family have moved in!

This past Friday June 26th, Robert Randolph and his Family Band infiltrated the Mish with what might have been our highest energy show of the summer so far. Coming out from California, Opening act The Stone Foxes shook and rattled the canyon walls with their electrifying, rock n roll style.


At the end of The Stone Foxes set, the general vibe in the amphitheater was bittersweet. Those in attendance were torn back and forth between emotions of excitement for the Robert Randolph set to begin, and emotions of further needed satisfaction, and a longing for the openers to play longer. Typically, the openers set (as good as it might be) remains the opener in the eye of the audience. Not this show, The Stone Foxes momentarily stole the evening away with such a intense and energetic sound and stage presence. Attendees actually seemed upset to learn that their set was over, despite he fact that they were that much closer to Robert Randolph set.


Then Robert Randolph and his Family stole the show back within minutes of taking the stage. Bringing a plethora of exotic and unfamiliar lap/ slide and steel guitars to woe the crowd as if they were puppets on his string. A unique part of this group is Robert Randolph’s Family Band literally consists of his family, including brothers, sisters and cousins, all of who SHRED. Their connection on stage and their non verbal communication would indicate that they are indeed, a tight knit family. The set list covered originals and covers like “Voodoo Chile” and “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”, and the encore consisted of Robert Randolph himself marching into the heart of the crowd and doing a post-show guitar session in the yard with his very, very excited fans. Check the video out here!

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