Reggae Vibes with Kash'd Out - Mishawaka

Reggae Vibes with Kash’d Out

On Thursday Kash’d Out came to the Mish, bringing their impressive Reggae sounds. Luckily the day was sunny and the crowd was stoked.

Luna Shade performed an amazing set before Kash’d Out came on. The band had recently played a show at our 100 Nickel location so we were very excited to see them again. Not only did they have a bigger crowd to perform to, but their crowd interaction was magical. 

Personally, I don’t think Reggae has the biggest presence in Colorado in comparison to Blue Grass or EDM, so we love to make room to cater to these crowds and allow for this genre to grow. Not only did it bring a different crowd, but it brought a different overall feel to the Mish stage.

Once Kash’d Out came out, the crowd went wild, it’s what they’d been waiting for all evening. Man, did Kash’d Out deliver with an awesome set. Even to the point where they got up onto the PA just to be a bit closer to the crowd.

It’s these kinds of intimate nights where the artists feel close to their crowd that we love here a Mish. To many more, and stay tuned for upcoming shows!!

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