COVID-19 Re-Openeing Survey Data & Response - Mishawaka

COVID-19 Re-Openeing Survey Data & Response

The Mishawaka Amphitheatre cares about your safety. We have been brainstorming ways in which we could reopen our venue safely while making sure that our patrons, artists, and staff all feel comfortable and safe returning to a live music experience.

Recently, we sent out a survey regarding reopening options and how you, our patrons, felt. The 883 responses represent the positions and attitudes of many Mishawaka patrons with respect to how live music should look amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to communicate these responses because how you feel is of high importance to us.

Here are some highlighted results:

A full report of the data gathered from the survey can be found here.

After analyzing the data, we found that most of the individuals who participated (58%) would prefer that we continue hosting socially distant seated shows. The majority reported that they would not attend a 500 person capacity show even if it were their favorite band. 

We provided an open-text response box at the end of the survey which allowed patrons to share any other thoughts or feelings they had regarding reopening possibilities. Many of these responses communicated to us that safety is of the highest importance. 

As we are working to find a balance between public safety and moving forward with higher-capacity concerts in the future, we are taking safety measures and precautions very seriously.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey. We care deeply about the Mishawaka community and are doing everything that we can to ensure the safety and comfortability of our patrons, staff, and artists while still being able to provide positive live music experiences. 

Here is what we, as a venue after evaluating your input and our staff’s concerns, will be doing moving forward:

  • We will be continuing socially-distant seated shows where tables can be reserved for groups of 2-8 people in 2020 regardless of any loosening of restrictions on capacity by the county or state.
  • As a restaurant and venue, we are adhering to state and county guidelines as it pertains to cleaning and social distancing. In fact, in some cases, we are doing more than is required.
  • All of our servers and staff will continue to be required to wear masks at all times.
  • Patrons will continue to be required to wear masks when checking in for an event, and while moving about the venue. Masks will not be required once patrons are seated at their table.
  • We will not allow a dance floor, dancing is welcome close to your table to ensure safe distancing.
  • We will continue sanitizing all facilities, furniture, and materials frequently and thoroughly.
  • Full-service dining is available during all events where each table will have a server for food and drink orders to avoid unnecessary movement of patrons throughout the venue.
  • Porta-potty restrooms and hand-washing stations will continue to be sanitized on a strict schedule.

We feel that this information is important to communicate because we want to be clear about what we, as a venue, are doing so that you are aware of the expectations when you attend an event.

Pictured above is the signage displayed throughout the restaurant and venue regarding safety precautions being taken.


Pictured above are sanitized condiment caddies which patrons are able to grab themselves out of fresh ziplock bags to ensure the least amount of contact.

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