Putting the Southern Twang into the Mish - Mishawaka

Putting the Southern Twang into the Mish

Howdy cowboys and cowgirls! Are y’all ready to hear about a spectacular country-filled night under the stars at the Mishawaka? Well, saddle up because we’ve got an amazing show to recap for you…

Last Saturday Chase Matthew and his crew of rocking cowboys from Nashville, Tennessee brought a southern twang back to the Mishawaka. Country music seldom rings through our canyon walls so when it does it is always a night to remember. Matthew brought rivers of cowboy hats, boot-kicking dances, and country fanatics out of the woodwork Saturday night.

Trevor Snider got the night rolling with his southern charm with an unbelievable, breathtaking set. Snider is only 19 years old and he holds a voice that packs an emotional punch. A voice that left many in tears, jaws to the floor, and boots tapping along to every beat.

Snider is a self-described “kid who was singing in the woods and just so happened to catch a break” because his videos blew up on TikTok. But this “break” was definitely well deserved. He pours his whole heart and soul into the songs he sings. With a voice like smooth country butter, and a golden heart that yearns to make the crowds dance, Snider is going to make it far in this world of country rock and roll.

The crowd fell silent after Snider’s set, eagerly awaiting Chase Matthew’s debut on stage. Many patrons in the crowd Saturday night had driven hours just to see Matthew play the Mish — from country-music-dominated lands far and wide. When he took to the stage an uproar echoed off the canyon walls.

Mathew’s set was energetic, and passionate, and kept the crowd boot-stomping all night long. His love for the world around him, and cheerful ways seeped through each of his tracks and landed in the hearts and ears of patrons far and wide. It was a night of serendipitous harmony, as Mathew and his band felt at home on the Mish stage.

However, the “peaceful” night was no stranger to Matthew’s classic charming antics. He offered not only to give away his signature Chase Matthew’s hat to the crowd but also to give over the guitar he was playing. Matthew brought nothing but laughter, yeehaws, and good vibes with him to the Mish.

With boot-stomp boogies, southern nights, and all-American lights covering the stage the night was truly unforgettable for Matthew fanatics. The usually unheard sounds that embraced the Mishawaka Saturday night offered a well-welcomed change of pace. It was fun to see patrons dressed up for a night of rodeo-level fun. Thanks for putting the twang back in the Mish Matthew and crew — we can’t wait to welcome ya’ll back again!

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