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potions & Player Dave SELL OUT The Mishawaka!

On Saturday, May 27th, the Mishawaka Family had the pleasure of hosting potions, Player Dave, and several other talented musicians for our first sold-out show of the 2023 season! We had seven artists on stage that evening including, Vxltures, Could D, Dillard, a B2B set with SAKA and FLY, all leading up to Player Dave and potions closing out the evening of euphoric electronic bass music!

Before we had the chance to open our doors early at 6:00 PM, there was already a long line of music lovers waiting to claim their spot as close to the stage as possible. Music began at 7:30 PM with Vxltures setting the stage for the rest of the evening, getting the crowd hyped and ready for a party into the next day.

As the evening progressed, the weather introduced an element of uncertainty to the evening. Cloud D took the stage as light rain started to come down while the sound of thunder echoed through the canyon. This only added to Cloud D’s set, as his closing tracks were accompanied by a gorgeous sunset which also welcomed Dillard to the stage! As the light in the sky faded away the flashes of lighting running away in the distance made for some awesome additional lighting support for the rest of Dillard’s set.

The weather finally subsided for the evening, just in time for SAKA and FLY to absolutely kill their B2B set! These two had incredible synergy together and phenomenal stage presence that completely elevated the energy for the rest of the night! The duo showed out with original songs, mixes, and remixes, uniquely combining hip-hop songs with some of the nastiest bassdrops the crowd has ever experienced.

Player Dave came to the stage after a long night of anticipation and played the classics that we all play in our cars on a daily basis. As the clock struck midnight and the calendar switched over to the next day, his blissful music made us feel like it was the middle of the day again for a set nobody wanted to end.

The night still felt young as potions began the set that would conclude this awesome night of bass music. The weather had completely cleared up at this point, the air felt warmer even though the sun had been gone for hours now, and this allowed the crowd to rally and finish the night with a bang! potions blessed us with great music that evening, and everybody felt a certain special way while we got to enjoy this phenomenal performance under a blanket of stars.

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