Patagonia's "DamNation" Is Premiered in The SpokesBUZZ Lounge with Great Music, Great Beer and Great People - Mishawaka

Patagonia’s “DamNation” Is Premiered in The SpokesBUZZ Lounge with Great Music, Great Beer and Great People

The Mishawaka had a change of pace on July 25th. Things were relatively quiet out on the patio overlooking the river and those who were out in front of the stage were only enjoying the Poudre Canyon scenery and a delicious meal from the restaurant. But there was something exciting going on within the Mishawaka’s SpokesBUZZ Lounge. Bands were having their sound check, kegs were being tapped, and the projection screen was pulled down for the Mishawaka premiere of “DamNation,” Patagonia’s award-winning environmental documentary that showcases the damage that America’s old and worn-out dams are causing to the world’s natural waterways.

That evening, The Mishawaka welcomed the “Save The Poudre” organization that coordinated the night’s events. Along with screening of “DamNation,” the non-profit group brought in the talented performances of Michael Kirkpatrick & The Big Motif. But they didn’t stop there! What pairs well with inspiring films and great music? Free beer and cider of course! With the generous help of three local breweries, “Save The Poudre” brought in free beer for the attendees and welcomed any donations. But it didn’t stop there! Throughout the night a silent auction was taking place. Items and gift cards from many local businesses were placed on the side and they generated more bids than any of the coordinators could have imagined!

The evening was a success as there wasn’t an empty space in the lounge. So much so that the overflow of viewers were completely content with watching the film from the patio entrance! Michael Kirkpatrick and The Big Motif both played exceptional sets but the screening of “DamNation” truly stole the show. The Mishawaka and The SpokesBUZZ lounge was honored to welcome so many great events as well as the “Save The Poudre” organization. We are truly grateful for their hard work that they put in every year to help protect and conserve the very river that The Mishawaka calls home.

If you would like to find out more info about the film, the artists, or this great organization then click on the links above.

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