Our First Taste of Fall With Lotus - Mishawaka

Our First Taste of Fall With Lotus

It was giving Fall this weekend up in the canyon. Everyone brought their sweaters and boots out of hibernation and bundled up for an incredible two nights with Lotus. Rain or shine, it didn’t stop us from moving and grooving.

Lotus and the gang were a pleasure to have at the Mish. The cool weather kept everyone’s moods high all throughout the weekend. The sprinkling rain on Friday just made people dance harder.

There was also a party going on inside the restaurant, away from the elements. Lotus had people jamming inside and out, and the vibes stayed immaculate. 

One of my favorite moments of the night was how hard Lotus was shredding and jamming out in the rain under the disco ball. The disco ball and lighting really brought some magic and lit up the entire mountainside.

It truly was an unforgettable night with Lotus and the weather was a dream come true. It was the best way to ring in the start of fall with Lotus at the Mish!

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