Ott We Dance? 8.14.15 - Mishawaka

Ott We Dance? 8.14.15

Ott’s out of this world album release party took place at the Mish this past weekend, completely selling out the venue! The international electronic sensation single-handedly impressed the thousand person crowd throughout the night. As a worldwide performer who has played in a handful of famous venues it was an exciting opportunity to have him back at the Mishawaka! Nothing shy of electro-tastic the night was filled with incredible performers, including trip-hop artist Templo, the rhythmic Kaminanda, then finally the highly anticipated Ott. Templo started the evening off with an atmospheric and smooth vibe, slowly easing the crowd into the night as they rolled into the venue. Kaminanda swooped in just ten minutes after Templo finished his set, continuing the positive energy with a quick turn over and sexy beats and bass. Kaminanda exuded an uplifting energy that came out in every dance move that matched every riff and beat that rang through the venue. The crowd was extremely hyped for when Ott graced the stage, not a single body was still, creating a wave of blissfulness.  His new music was a hit, which wasn’t a surprise at all. Every song lived up to the hype, a lovely mix of organic, mid-tempo, and psychedelic sounds. Ott’s music is something special in a world of increasingly un-authentic artists, and his new music proves his talent is elevating with each new release.

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