Opening Weekend Starts with a Party: The Main Squeeze, Evanoff, and Litz - Mishawaka

Opening Weekend Starts with a Party: The Main Squeeze, Evanoff, and Litz

Friday was the opening night for the Mishawaka Amphitheatre. It was also my first concert ever at the Mishawaka. The Main Squeeze, with support from Evanoff and Litz was a night for the books.

Weeks’ worth of preparation and anticipation were all built up to get the season underway, this night was well beyond my imagination and worth all the work everyone as a team put in to make this happen. Everyone always talks about the magic that goes on at the Mish. I did not understand what I was in store for, but I think I fell in love with this place and so would anyone else.

I was told as an intern that for shows I will need to write a blog, I would not classify myself as a writer and I had no idea what to write about. I asked Alden: a veteran intern, what do we include in these blogs? For example, he told me last year that before one of the shows there was a group of mountain rams hanging out above the Mishawaka. He told me that things like this would be good to put in the blogs. Exactly after that moment, as I peeled around the corner looking over to the restaurant, there was a group of people on the patio taking pictures of the canyon. Sure enough, it was a group of rams hanging out!

Litz was the first performer and they did a Daft Punk cover. Each member was dressed in reflective jackets and they unquestionably threw down.

Evanoff showed up next up and had their fan base moving n’ grooving. When we were all sitting in the greenroom, Evanoff played a cover of Hot Like Sauce by Pretty lights. I flew out of my seat and bolted outside (and so did most) to listen, this was a moment where everyone got to enjoy and get down to some great music. They also sampled Tipper and added a bluesy solo funk on top of it… insane!

Evanoff chillin’ by the river

Next up was The Main Squeeze!

The Main Squeeze put on a sick show and was a great start to our season. They did it all: the crowd was charged, the venue was poppin’ and the fans were loving their style. The Main Squeeze even joined in on the hysteria of the show Game of Thrones by playing the theme song. But for now (sorry), SUMMER IS COMING.

A pre-party was symbolic of the party we will be having all summer at the Mishawaka. This was a night I will remember for a long time. The first show of the season was a success with many more to be put on. We all look forward to nights of endless memories and long summer nights. The Mishawaka is a special place and I recommend if you haven’t had the opportunity to make it up the canyon for a show, put it on your to-do list. 

Watch the video below of guitarist Max Newman SHREDDING a solo over Voodoo Child by Jimi Hendrix. What a night!

Photos and video by Cody Sun

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