Mystic Grizzly - Mishawaka

Mystic Grizzly

It was one full night of Music up the canyon with three phenomenal DJ’s keeping the crowd up on their feet all night long. It was a sold out show with so much fun to be had. 

With a touch of light left over the mountains, Sunken Frequencies took stage to get the crowd going. 

After that, it was all gas, no brakes for the rest of the night as RAfeeki stepped in next with a new type of sound on stage,  the energy of the crowd didn’t deter as RAfeeki showed everyone his skills on the DJ board. They loved it.

Finally when the crowd was all warmed up and feeling good, Mystic Grizzly stepped on stage to finish off what had been an amazing night for music on Saturday. His energy with the crowd was vibrant and bustling. His music kept everyone on their feet dancing.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, two live painters showed up to show off their masterpieces and paint while the DJ’s were on stage doing their thing topping off the amazing night.


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