Mishawaka Season Closer Party 2017 – The Bar Tab of Wonder - Mishawaka

Mishawaka Season Closer Party 2017 – The Bar Tab of Wonder

2017 was the year we broke into the top 100 Amphitheatre’s in the world on Pollstar. New friendships were forged and old ones were reinforced. As we rocked out to the stylings of Van Wholen we knew that the fanciest pants at the party were those of Curtis Garcia. Knowing now that Dani could have been a child Broadway star, and Louie could have killed John Malkovich, we feel all that much closer to our bosses. Voting on what values we’d like Mishawaka to represent, the staff settled on: Music, Community, Service, Integrity, Sustainability, and Tolerance. Mishawaka sincerely thanks every single person who made our 2017 season such a success! And now the list we’ve all been waiting for, the winners of the 2017 “Mishies”:

• Fanciest Pants – Curtis
• Least Frazzled Bookkeeper – Red
• Coolest Cumber – Ricky
• Best Checklist & Attention to Detail – Dave
• Steady Eddy – Pilgrim
• Most Passionate – Cody
• The Sparkle Award – Ryan
• Most Devoted – Kevstar
• The Keeper of the Book – Kebrina
• Best Attitude – Will
• Front of House MVP – Meg, Taylor & Jen
• Back of House MVP – Jeff, DJ & Curtis
• Venue MVP – Alex
• Driver MVP – Ken
• Intern MVP – Chandler



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